Market's Line in the Sand Newsletter by Andy Chambers

"If you like quick profits, then my Market’s Line in the Sand Newsletter can't be beat!"

My name is Andy Chambers and as a successful small business owner I discovered a passion for trading in the 1980’s. After selling my business, I became a futures analyst for Dearborn Financial Corporation. After a few years as an analyst, I was promoted to editor of Futures Options Weekly.

Two years later, I became Editor In Chief, overseeing the Futures, Futures Options, and Stock Options publications and advisory services. During my tenure at Dearborn, I also wrote, recorded, and published the Daily Trend Watch, a daily futures advisory, the Daily Trend Watch Classroom, an educational futures service, and the MR2 Alert, a combination advisory and tutorial specifically related to futures options. Since leaving Dearborn, I have been working as an independent trader and analyst for private individuals and corporations. Working on my own, outside the corporate structure, has allowed my trading and analysis to evolve to a much higher level. I have a keen eye for charts and trading patterns. I employ very specific methods to take advantage of patterns and trends, and have a strong options background which allows me to employ strategies that offer maximum reward with minimum risk. Look, I’ll level with you—I’m far from perfect. Losses can and do happen! But when you take advantage of what I teach you as part of the Market’s Line in the Sand Newsletter — it’s the best of all possible worlds.